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Think The Design, Design The Thinking

Client Clutch works with you as a creative and marketing partner right from the start. We’ll work together to define where you want to go– your goals, audiences, and outcomes– then work backwards to develop the most effective path to get there together. We dig deep into the roots of your organization and audience, then build the right bridge to connect the two.

Vaughn Lee

Founder of Client Clutch
vaughn lee

Custom Package

Everyone company different needs, lets figure out yours


While our focus on high quality and positive ROI is consistent for every custom project, the cost can be highly variable depending on each project’s unique goals, requirements, and constraints.

Creative Consultation

Learning about you and your audience, then creating a content strategy based on the overlap between what’s important to you and what’s interesting to them.

Distribution Consultation

Defining the plan for engaging the right audience with your message, including the plan for how to measure, report, and optimize going forward.


Planning and logistics to make Production as efficient and effective as possible.

Post Production

Creating video and other content, including review and revision.


Delivering your content to your audience.